2019 Kubota TR48

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Kubota by Land Pride: The TR Series Trencher is available in two sizes with two motor options. This contractor-grade Trencher will make quick work of trenching runs for pipe, cable, electrical, or irrigation. It comes in two common sizes, 4' and 5' trenching depths, and features 4 different chain styles for each model. Chains are either 2 or 4 pitch for clay, sandy, or lightly compacted soils or alligator or scorpion chains for highly compacted or rocky soils. Only available through Kubota Dealers.

  • Quality hydraulic motor available in two volume flows: Provides long life, durable construction. Two flow options allow the trencher to fit many skid steers.
  • Reversible motor: Helps in areas where rocks may lodge and stop chain, can back out and try again.
  • Boom ball bearings are self-contained ball bearing with triple-lip seals and metal shroud covers: Boom ball bearings are protected against dirt invasion and do not require greasing.
  • Drive bearings are self-contained, single & double row ball bearings with extra heavy duty seals.: Drive bearings are protected against dirt invasion and do not require greasing.
  • Motor case drain: Reduces back pressure at motor thus delivering more power for trenching.
  • Hardened cup teeth: Increase life and productivity of the teeth.
  • High tensile strength trencher chain: Chain stands up to rugged use.
  • Trencher chain side links: Designed for anti-flex without binding or piggybacking.
  • Full length bolts securing teeth with spacers at every station.: Helps to distribute load equally on both sides of the chain. Minimizes chain wear.
  • Side shifts from center to 22" to the right: Allows the operator to get up close to buildings and fences.
  • Grease cylinder chain tightener: Makes tightening the chain easy.
  • Connect under pressure hydraulic couplers: Couplers are easier to connect and disconnect.
  • Removable spoil auger: Helps dig a trench closer to fences and buildings
  • Floating crumber shoe: Improves the performance of the crumber shoe.
  • Depth indicator (Patent-pending): Helps the operator judge the depth of trench from the operator’s seat.
  • Numerous chain options: Plenty of options to choose from to match your local digging conditions.
  • Heavy frame construction: Stands up to rugged use. (5/16” Thick hitch plate with 3/4" reinforced bar around three sides of the bottom lock pin slots.)
  • TR48: 4' digging depth; TR60: 5' digging depth: Customer can choose which trencher best suits his/her needs.
  • 221-373 fpm chain speed (Skid steer hydraulic flow and pressure ratings vary.): Good operating speed to get the work done.
  • Model Number: TR48
  • Operating weight with 2 pitch cup chain and hydraulic side shift.: 1236 lbs (560.6 kg)
  • Overall length: 90.5” (2.30 m)
  • Standard boom length: 65.5" (1.66 m)
  • Digging depth at 60 degrees: 4 ft (1.22 m)
  • Frame width w/step: 61.13" (1.55 m)
  • Overall width: 64" (1.63 m)
  • Overall height: 34.1" (86.6 cm)
  • Auger diameter: 15.5" (39.4 cm)
  • Auger clearance: 28.5" - 30.5" (72.4 cm - 77.5 cm)
  • Side shift options Manual: Side shifts from center to 22” (55.9 cm) right of center
  • Side shift options Hydraulic: Side shifts from center to 22” (55.9 cm) right of center
  • Side shift travel: 22" (55.9 cm)
  • Trenching widths available: 6", 8" & 10" (15.2 cm, 20.3 cm, 25.4 cm)
  • Motor options: Low flow (LF) & high flow (HF) motors
  • Hydraulic motor flow requirements Low flow: 12-24 gpm (45.4-90.8 lpm)
  • Hydraulic motor flow requirements High flow: 24-40 gpm (90.8-151.4 lpm)
  • Hydraulic motor pressure range Low flow: 2400-4500 psi (16.55-31.03 MPa)
  • Hydraulic motor pressure range High flow: 2000-3600 psi (13.79-24.82 MPa)
  • Chain speed (Depending on skid steer flow & pressure ratings) Low flow: 227-366 fpm (69-112 m/min)
  • Chain speed (Depending on skid steer flow & pressure ratings) High flow: 221-373 fpm (67-114 m/min)
  • Motor case drain: Standard
  • Motor: Reversible
  • Chain tightener: Grease Cylinder
  • Crumber shoe: Floating
  • Depth indicator (Patent-pending): Standard (Viewable from operator seat)
  • Roller guide bearings at boom head: Self-contained, ball bearings with triple-lip seals & metal shroud covers
  • Drive bearings between motor & drive sprocket: Self-contained, single & double row ball bearings with extra heavy duty seals
  • Spoil auger: Removable
  • Hydraulic coupler options: Standard and large flat face, connect under pressure, couplers
  • Chain options – numerous: Cup teeth on 2 or 4 pitch, scorpion w/cup teeth, or alligator w/cup teeth
  • Step and step pads: Heavy-duty, cast steel
  • Frame construction: Heavy duty 5/16” (8 mm) thick w/ 3/4" (19 mm) reinforced bar around three sides the bottom lock pin slots.
  • Trencher chain: 2.00” (5.1 cm) Pitch. 50,000 lb (22679.6 kg) tensile strength
  • Trencher chain side links: Anti-flex
  • Cup teeth: Hardened with hard facing



Trenching Depth
4 ft. (1.22 m)
Trenching Width
6 in., 8 in. & 10 in. (15.2 cm, 20.3 cm, 25.4 cm)
Trenching Speed
Low Flow: 227-366 fpm (69-112 m/min); High Flow: 221-373 fpm (67-114 m/min)

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