2019 Kubota CB2580

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Kubota by Land Pride: Concrete contractors, landscapers, dirt contractors, and farmers can perform grapple, dozer blade, bucket, and back drag actions with the CB25. Only available through Kubota Dealers.

  • Four-in-one bucket design: Can be used as a standard bucket, clamshell bucket, grapple, or dozer.
  • Attaches to power equipment easily: Uses Skid Steer Quick Hitch design for quick and easy attachment.
  • 1 1/4" Pivot pins: Large diameter pins for extra strength.
  • Jaw pivot pins have greasable hardened bushings: Bushings can be replaced if needed.
  • Reinforced bucket: Adds strength and rigidity to the bucket, clamshell, and dozer features of the four-in-one bucket.
  • Serrated interlocking grapple teeth on bucket side panels: Various sizes, shapes, and weights of objects can be picked-up and held securely in the serrated teeth.
  • Replaceable bucket side cutters: Stiffens and protects bucket front side panel corners.
  • Reversible and replaceable clamshell blades: Reversible blades extends the life of the blade and can be replaced to extend the life of the bucket.
  • Reversible and replaceable front cutting edge when included with jaw: Reversible front cutting edge extends the life of the blade and can be replaced to extend the life of the bucket.
  • Replaceable tooth tips when teeth are included with jaw: Can be easily replaced as they wear or break.
  • Model Number: CB2580
  • Hitch type: Universal Quick Attach Hitch
  • Weight without teeth: 1147 lbs
  • Weight with teeth: 1090 lbs
  • Optional weights - Spill guard: 29 lbs
  • Optional weights - Counterbalance valve: 13 lbs
  • Overall width: 83"
  • Clamshell opening: 33"
  • Bucket capacity (ft3) with spill guard - Struck full: 15.86
  • Bucket capacity (ft3) with spill guard - Heaped full: 21.83
  • Bucket capacity (ft3) without spill guard - Struck full: 11.89
  • Bucket capacity (ft3) without spill guard - Heaped full: 18.01
  • Hydraulic cylinder pins: 1" dia. greasable rod pivot pins
  • Jaw pivot pins: 1 1/4" dia. greasable pivot pins
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 2.5" x 8" x 1 1/4" Rod
  • Maximum hydraulic pressure: 3500 psi



83 in.
Without teeth: 1147 lb.; With teeth: 1090 lb.

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